Drowned Man – 2014

Play | N/A | 20 June 2013 – 29 June 2014
The play is set in and around a film studio in Los Angeles, called ‘Temple Studios’, and it details a series of events occurring on the 30th of October 1962. Typical of Punchdrunk’s style it is an interactive promenade theatre, in which the audience is free to roam around and explore the sets in their own way, and the intricate detailing of the props and locations or following one of the many characters all of which assists the audience in picking up the threads of the narrative. Andrew made a cameo in the play on 8 April 2014.


Type: Play
Theatre: Royal National Theatre
Role: Cameo
Co-Stars: Gavin Brocker, Michelle Terry, Carli Norris, Leo Bill
Opening Night 20 June 2013
Closing Night: 29 June 2014
Producer: Punchdrunk
Playwright: Punchdrunk
Director: Felix Barrett, Maxine Doyle
Set Design: Livi Vaughn, Beatrice Minns
Costume Design: Jack Galloway
Lighting Design: Mike Gunning
Sound Design: Stephen Dobbie

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