School Plays

Andrew was in several A-level school plays during his high school years. Three are known by name – ‘A Mother’s Song’ in 2000 and ‘Making Echoes’ and ‘The Tales of Ovid’ in 2001. You can find information for some of those here.

Making Echoes – 2001

Type: Play
Theatre: Freemen’s School
Role: Unknown
Co-Stars: Unknown
Producer: Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The Tales of Ovid – 2001

The play is a retelling of twenty-four tales from Ovid’s Metamorphoses. It was Andrew’s A-level theatre studies graduating play at highschool.

Type: Play
Theatre: Freemen’s School
Role: Tereus / Narcissus
Co-Stars: Faye Winter, Karina Cornell
Producer: Freeman’s School
Playwright: Ted Hughes
Director: Phil Tong
Set Design: Barnara Tong
Duration: 1h 32 mins

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